Barstool Music Podcast

Barstool Airplay 21

October 2, 2020

Two great guests, 10 brilliant tracks, all, in one show.

This week Luke catches up with in earnest, ahead of their debut EP release next week (link to pre-save below). He also catches up with Birmingham's own Joe Wright as he drops his Debut single. Plus we see the return of the Double Trouble Tracks and some more amazing new music. Luke also makes a few announcements, and occasionally leans too close to the mic, but we'll forgive him for that! So sit back and enjoy some more great Unsigned and Independent music on us..

Pre-save link for EP:[0]=AT3pHGmjZl9kmfF2x4bZ0D34NfYU1cYwVOJqxvJkWi6Hx5ED_LjMc4aK9WieOb4lP9PY1wX_YlP4J-5GgMux6D3NRMj1nWReGzHJx9PrBc73sFafTzovu1wYx5AkM50TnHDZh7osxyGQXEyzyLRNWgv0I4MKG0dNbVyBTQM1LAswVklxGVOk_mNzOQjQ6hM



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